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The Gallery

The paintings shown on this Gallery page represent just a portion of the paintings in Olin Yoder's collection. As paintings are sold, new
ones will be shown.
To see many more paintings, please see Contact the Artist.

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Orange Chairs

Scooter & Hydrant

The Eagle

Four Folks & Pizza Sign


South American Gaucho

Bike & Car

White Sand

Baltimore Water Taxis

Chinese Umbrellas

The Singer

Cross Street Market

VW Reflections

White Chimney

Eastern Shore Threshing

Orange Motorcycle


Row Houses

Domino Sugar

Turkish Ride

Church and Parsonage

Brittney Girl Dale

Burro & Man

Aunt Maxine's House

Sommerset County, Pennsylvania

The Critic

Chinese Laundry

3 Greek Boats

Abandon in Labadee

Chesapeake Gold

Santo Domingo

Somewhere Between Moscow & St. Petersburg

Charles Street Chairs

South Baltimore Alley

Outdoor Cafe in Peru


Back of Row Houses

One Man Band



807 Fells Point

Balloon Lady

Sandy Point Tree

Dutch Cheese Market

Boat and Sand


JohnYate's Bike

Upper Charles Street

Store Front Window

View From Parking Garage

Greek Fishing Boat

Double Jesus on Rt.1

Painter in South Baltimore


Rodeo Spectators

Jewelry Basket

Liquor Store

Ashes in the Window

Ocean City Skateboarder

Bushel Baskets

Fish Kites

Aloe Plants

Betty Boobs


Watersports Gallery

The 4 kayak paintings and the rafting painting below are $600 each.
Giclee Prints are also available for each of the the paintings below. They are printed on archival acid-free paper, and the overall size is 20x16, and the image is 18x14. The prints are signed and numbered. This is standard frame size. The prints are protected by clear plastic envelopes and mailed in a cardboard canister. Order by the title of the paintings. The cost is $50 each,

Resting Kayaks

Kayaker Resting

Kayaker at Dusk

The Rapids

The Rafters