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Olin YoderOlin Yoder is a teacher and a firm believer that if one teaches art, one should produce art. This, he has done. Throughout the years, he has experimented with a variety of mediums, and for the past 25 years, has painted exclusively in oils.

His subject matter is eclectic and covers a broad spectrum. He sketches and photographs as he travels, and often turns these into paintings in his studio. Olin has created finished works from many parts of Europe, Asia, Central and South America, North Africa, and the Caribbean Islands. He scours flea markets for interesting juxtaposition of assorted objects that are unintentionally, but interestingly arranged by the sellers. His favorite location is Baltimore, and is constantly roaming the streets and alleys finding scenes that inspire him to paint.

Olin's color is bright, bold, and freely applied to the canvas. He loves repetition of form and the unique pattern of shadows...an approach seen in many of his paintings. OlinPainting by Olin Yoder approaches every canvas with the challenge of creating the best painting he has ever done. Olin states, "I never paint the same painting twice. Sometimes the same subject will be created from a different perspective, but will be totally different." In addition, there are no prints made of his work. Consequently, anyone purchasing his work knows that they own the original, and the only one produced.

Olin has shown his work in galleries and has been included in innumerable shows. At the present time, his work can be seen on line, and one may visit his studio and view his work. For specific directions to his location, please see the Contact the Artist page.

How to Purchase Work

Olin keeps his paintings affordable and within a reasonable price range. Every painting is signed and framed with a simple unfinished poplar wood molding. When payment is received, the painting is shipped. All paintings are shipped by Fed Ex. Prices include the shipping, crating, and insurance - within the continental United States.

Please see the Gallery pages for a glimpse of Olin's work.